Diversity Makes the Difference

Growing a business requires forging strong alliances, and no alliance is more important than the one we have with our suppliers. Our suppliers not only provide outstanding products and services, but also meet our high standards of diversity and inclusiveness. If you think your company and Stewart could enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership, read our views on diversity and register your company below. We’re always on the lookout for new suppliers and opportunities.

Supplier Diversity Statement

Supplier Diversity promotes the use of companies owned, operated and controlled by minorities, women, veterans and LGBTs, and small businesses (as defined by the Small Business Administration). Collectively, these companies are referred to as “diverse suppliers”. Stewart is committed to including diverse suppliers in the procurement process. Through this initiative, Stewart will deliver quality goods and services to Stewart’s customers at cost-effective prices while providing value to Stewart’s shareholders. Stewart strives to work with suppliers that reflect the broad customer diversity within the market(s) Stewart serves.

Diverse suppliers who meet Stewart’s diversity guidelines will be eligible for consideration in sourcing events and selection aligned with the supplier’s core offerings.

Supplier Diversity Guidelines

  • Must complete the supplier registration process
  • Must provide and maintain a valid, certified diversity status
  • Demonstrate financial stability
  • Have U.S. Federal Taxpayer ID/Taxpayer Identification

Supplier Diversity Certification Requirements

To be eligible for Stewart’s Supplier Diversity Program, a diverse supplier must be a U.S. citizen, complete the supplier registration process and provide a valid certification as a diverse supplier by a nationally recognized diversity organization or from a local, state or federal governmental agency. Stewart does not accept self-certification.

Please complete the Supplier Registration form below, if you have any diversity related questions, please email Stewart at supplierdiversity@stewart.com.

To contact Stewart regarding the Supplier Registration form process, please email Stewart at supplierregistration@stewart.com.

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